Quilt Resources

If you are a beginner, here are some resources to help you finish your quilt:

Cross Stitch Sparkle Optional Tools

Although not required these tools are helpful additions in completing the Cross Stitch Sparkle quilt.


I make my own starch (recipe) and keep it in a small spray bottle. I only starch the completed quilt top prior to basting it. I use a light spray and press the quilt top from the back. Starch helps to keep the top from stretching out during quilting.

Angler 2

The Angler 2 is a tool that enables you to sew HSTs without marking the lines on the squares (video tutorial). You could also use a strip of washi tape on your sewing machine instead of marking the center diagonal of the block (video tutorial).

3.5” Square-up Ruler & Rotating Cutting Mat

Squaring up lots of HSTs can be a pain. I find these 2 tools invaluable for speeding up the process. I used a 3.5" Bloc-Loc Ruler for squaring up. The Bloc-Loc has a channel that fits into the seam of your HST, though you could also use a small square ruler. I use the 12" Olfa Rotating Mat for small blocks. You could also use a regular small cutting mat on a flat surface and rotate it for a cheaper option. Keeping the ruler in place and rotating the mat instead of the patchwork is more accurate and much faster. Don't forget to use a sharp blade for squaring up. A tutorial for using the Bloc-Loc with a rotating mat can be found here.